QUOTE There is no expedient to which a man will go to avoid the real labor of thinking.

- Thomas Edison

Services and Solutions

Leveraging the our 'epic feng shui' is a great way to keep your sanity and get the job done.

Be advised, 'Not for Profit' or other Community / Charitable organizations are eligible for substantially discounted (occasionally free) services. Primarily, because we're not Republicans.

To request a service or qoute (or if you're interested in something not listed), please contact:

... Admin@SpinelliCreations.com.


L.A.M.P. Web Hosting

Powered by Apache 2, pHp 5, Python 2.7, Perl, and MySQL 5, SC offers web hosting for the web developer needing a potent backend.

Moderately sized installations are always welcome on our 64 bit primary host, and we offer SSH / SFTP access for your setup and maintenance... blogs are permitted as well pending a review of your scope / informal disucssion.

We also offer Cloud Storage using industry leading open source software from ownCloud, as well as IMAP and WebMail utilizing Clam Antivirus, SPAM-Assassin, and RoundCube.

Engineering Consultation and Design

Specializing in low voltage ( < 600 V ) power distribution, layout, and construction design for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications. Controls and systems integration for small to large Automation Systems (Packaging, Process, Automotive, Food-and-Beverage) utilizing PAC, PLC, DCS, and custom hardware.

Professional system specification, Code compliance review / assurance - from battery powered to 3-phase, and the ability to go shopping 'apples for apples' with your chosen contractors. SC will make sure your project is spec'd out, managed, and supervised using the right materials and practices for the job.

Terms, Billing, Etc...

Terms and Conditions

Parts costs are always pre-pay, unless otherwise put into quote / contract, but shall never require less than a 50% deposit. SC does not upcharge on parts - clients pay the 'actual shelf price', plus freight / pickup / delivery if applicable.

Unless otherwise noted, parts cost in contract / quote is accurate 'actual shelf price' as of time of quote, and client agrees to +/- 10% variance due to supplier rate fluctuations. A copy of invoice for all parts will be provided with final invoice for verification.

All invoices are due paid within 30 days of invoice. Invoice shall be provided within 7 days of completion of work. Emergency Service shall be invoiced immediately upon completion (before leaving the site), and shall be paid within 7 calendar days. These are the strictest and 'default' payment terms, and (while SC reserves the right to extend more comfortable terms to customers based upon its own discretion) the default terms are the only terms of contract unless otherwise stated in writing, where such statement shall be explicit with regard to what work the 'special' payment terms shall be applied.

Definition of 'Completion of Work': day upon which the terms of a customer-signed quote or contract are completed by SC. This does not include a 'test' or 'trial' period, unless clearly indicated within the quote / contract.

All quotes / invoices issued in United States Dollars, unless otherwise noted. All quotes / invoices payable in United States Dollars, via Cash, Company or Cashier's Check, or Money Order. No Personal Checks accepted, unless otherwise noted in the quote / invoice (Personal Checks are accepted for Residential work).

Requests for copies of Work Summaries (Quote / Invoice / etc...) from past work provided to you are complimentary (within reason).

Non-profit or Community Organizations and Groups of Special Interest to SC may qualify for reduced cost or free service. This typically does not include the cost of parts.


Unless otherwise indicated, parts are warrantied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (part manufacturer) only, if at all. Typically, these warranties do not include labor and are 'part replacement / repair only'.

A copy of each part's warranty statement (or how to retrieve it) is typically provided with invoice or care-kit.

For the duration of Original Equipment Manufacturer part warranty, but not to exceed 24 months from date of invoice, SC will provide warranty fulfillment service including contacting the OEM and negotiating warranty fulfillment at the customer's request, at no cost. It is still the customer's responsibility to retain all documentation, warranty statements, and receipts.

SC does not guarantee that the OEM will honor their warranty, or even provide one.

For the duration of the Original Equipment Manufacturer part warranty, but not to exceed 24 months from the date of invoice, SC will provide labor to install / repair / replace parts, in conjunction with the above, at a reasonable fee (75% of the listed Scheduled Work labor rate at the time of service request).

Unless otherwise indicated, labor is warrantied by SC for 30 days from the date of invoice.

Cost of additional parts / materials used during warranty labor will be the customer's responsibility.

SC does not offer a performance guarantee on any product / service unless specifically declared and the scope of defined within the quote / contract, prior to the start of work.

As specifically pertains to software, SC does not guarantee any software to be suitable for a particular purpose or fitness, unless specifically declared and the scope of defined within the quote / contract, prior to the start of work.

As specifically pertains to software, SC will license, on behalf of the customer, all software as GPL, LGPL, or AGPL (General Public Licenses) as is appropriate for the particular software, unless otherwise specifically declared within the quote / contract, prior to the start of work.

SC stands behind its work, and will make every effort it sees reasonable to fulfill the terms of any quote / contract to the satisfaction of the customer. However, should an agreement not be reached, the customer agrees that the above points are the only terms and conditions to which SC shall be bound.

Standing Rates as of 2014 0211

Note -- rates subject to change at any time.

Web Hosting (and/or Cloud Storage)
... 50 GB (site + database + cloud) for yoursite.spinellicreations.com or spinellicreations.com/yoursite
... ... up to 12.5 GByte / month throughput
... ... ... 285 bi-annually
... 50 GB (site + database + cloud) for yourdomain.com
... ... up to 12.5 GByte / month throughput
... ... ... 375 bi-annually
* for larger or more heavily trafficked installations, please request a quote, or you may even consider an SC built Server of your own.
** yes, prices for 2014 have gone up dramatically. This is mostly due to increases in data pipe costs and overhead.

Engrg. Consultation
... residential / commercial analysis / review / design
... ... 90 / hour
... industrial analysis / review / design
... ... 160 / hour
... emergency service (industrial / commercial)
... ... 325 / hour

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Updated: Feb. 11, 2014