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Project Description


this_could_take_all_night is an automatic, recursive directory backup utility in pure Python for cross platform compatability. Backup files based upon retention time to any location of your choice.

Ideal for servers and workstations where recursive backup of specific local folders is necessary. It even incorporates user-specified Retention Time, examining the Creation Time (Win systems) or Last Modification Time (Mac / Unix / Linux systems), and deleting any file which is older than your specified retention time - prior to archiving your folder!

Run daily as a scheduled job (cron or task-scheduler, or another job-scheduling method of your choice; heck, you can even call it manually), this_could_take_all_night will not only dump your existing chosen folders to tar file, but it will also keep a backlog for 'X' number of days. For example, if you wish to go back 5 days, you can have this_could_take_all_night dump today's backup to file, and then keep yesterday's, the day before that's, and so on - for five days. Tomorrow, the oldest file will be deleted, all other files will be incremented, and the latest file will be saved.


python - v2.6


./this_could_take_all_night.py [FUNCTION] [PRESET_NAME]


-- automated recursive backup to tarball based upon choices in configuration / options file.


[you@localhost]# python this_could_take_all_night.py BACKUP johnnys_documents
-- automated backup based on config / options file.

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terminal: 'help'

editing 'options.opt' file in VIM

editing 'johnnys_documents.backup file in VIM

Built: Mar. 2, 2011
Updated: May 3, 2017