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Project Codename: mod_OpenOPC



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Project Description

... coming soon!
NOTE - version 3.3-1 includes some bug-fixes from the 3.2 series, along with a new 'all one one / quick and dirty' launcher for anyone running on a purely Windows platform.

3.2-3 (build #61) adds ability to send remote shutdown and restart commands to the 3rd party OPC Server (linked via Gateway), enabling even tighter memory management. This also resolves the issue of various OPC Servers not properly 'killing' zombie OPC Groups. The concensus in the community is that zombie groups should be killed by restarting the OPC Server; which is a poor answer / not any answer at all for a true 'server' (unattended by humans). Since we have to recycle the Gateway anyhow, why not recycle the OPC Server during this time? Works out wonderfully.

WARNING! - version 3.2-3 is the first PUBLIC release of the 3.2 series mod_openopc builds. mod_openopc has forked from OpenOPC as of the 3.2 series, which means a few things...
1- current builds are not backwards compatible with older builds (you cannot simply replace the mod_openopc.py file if upgrading from an older version, you must replace the entire program, and fill out all options and config files as new).
2- we no longer use the publicly distributed OpenOPC libraries. Rather, we modified that library for mod_openopc, and split it into 3 sections... "options", "common", and "functions(library)".
3- the modified libraries are currently performing nearly exactly the same 'job' as the old library did. And, in fact, we reused about 90% of the original code, just tweaked and rearranged, with a bunch of goodies added. Our intention is that, in the future, as new versions of OpenOPC are released, we will examine the differences from the existing and incorporate what new features and changes which we feel are useful / beneficial. This is not easy task, as a wise man once said, "You can work on a car until it doesn't run." (similar to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.")
4- the last updates from the 3.1 series did make it into the 3.2 series; those bein a) addition of UPDATE argument for READ routine (updating DB row rather than creating a new row each READ), b) AUTO_LAUNCH now monitors child threads / processes and will auto restart them on a rolling verification if they fault out or die unexpectedly.
5- 3.1.6 was abandoned in favor of the 3.2 series. 3.1.6 and 3.2.0 were co-developed at the same time, in an effort to solve a problem, obviously you know which one won.

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terminal: 'help'

terminal: 'test for echo'

opc server: 'GATEWAY_DAEMON' service monitor

editing 'READ' preset template in gEdit


editing 'SPACEBRIDGE' preset template in gEdit...

yes, that's an intentional shout-out to Shockwave, Guardian of Cybertron

editing OPC server configuration file template in gEdit

editing MySQL server configuration file template in gEdit

editing global options file in gEdit

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Built: Oct. 25, 2010
Updated: July 19, 2016